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Your 4-Step Checklist to Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Oasis

April 22, 2020

Your outdoor space should be an extension of your personality, a place to enjoy coffee in the mornings to family gatherings during the evenings and weekends.  When you build a new home by Inspired Homes, you can choose from three design elevations, which include seating and fire pit features and several stone color options.  Each option is designed to check the boxes on your list, elevate your patio and turn your outdoor space into an oasis.

Grilling for dinner, relaxing with a favorite beverage around a fire pit, playing catch in the yard — we’re quickly approaching peak outdoor season. Outdoor living continues to be as popular as ever, especially as so many people are interested in effortlessly expanding their square footage as COVID-19 stay-at-home orders continue. Patio Seating Fire Pit Giving your outdoor space a makeover is appealing for a variety of reasons. First, you can make a big impact without spending a ton of cash. Plus, with just a few key additions, you can create a multipurpose space that’s ideal for activities ranging from entertaining to playing. As you think about ways to improve your own outdoor space, keep the following four considerations in mind to help you plan your approach and determine what you need.

4 Considerations to Help You Plan Your Outdoor Space

What’s the purpose of your outdoor area?

Think about all the ways you’ll want to use your outdoor space — cooking, gathering, relaxation, recreation, etc. The size of your yard, deck and/or patio is, of course, a key factor. How much furniture can you accommodate? Are there any additional limitations to consider? If you plan to spend a lot of time outside, what’s the sun exposure like? Would it be helpful to add an umbrella or similar sun blocker so that you can get more enjoyment out of your space? If you’re starting from scratch with your outdoor space, think of it as a work in progress. You don’t necessarily need to have it impeccably furnished within the next few weeks. Instead, start strategically adding furniture that aligns with how you want to use the space. Then, as you spend more time outside, take note of what you’re missing so that you can make your outdoor area even better.

Approach your outdoor space like you would an indoor room.

Outdoor living has become so popular because it does just that — extends your living space. Once you’ve determined how you want to use your space, don’t shy away from using interior decorating principles in your outdoor area. Let’s say you want to use your space to entertain but also relax. Work within the parameters of your space to establish a couple of vignettes, just as you would within your home. Encourage al fresco meals with a large table. Then, create a comfy sitting area off to the side where you could kick back with a coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy the fresh air. Bonus points if you include one of the most popular outdoor living features right now: a fire pit! Grilling enthusiasts, create as much of a kitchen-like set-up as you can in your outdoor area. If your grill is ready for an upgrade, opt for one that has attached shelving to offer prime prep space. And if space and budget allows, you can consider a more extensive outdoor kitchen set-up.


Once you have your furniture in place, don’t forget the accessories! Add a few brightly colored throw pillows and cushions to your outdoor seating to add a visual pop. Citronella candles and torches can offer a cozy glow while helping to keep the bugs away. And speaking of a cozy glow, string lights are all the rage in outdoor areas. The best part? You can keep them up all year and make your outdoor time more festive simply by flipping a switch! Here’s a tip: if space allows, add a large outdoor storage tub or bench so that you can easily stash pillows and other accessories when inclement weather strikes. If your outdoor space isn’t large enough for storage, see if you can find a spot inside, like in a garage or basement.

Think green.

Plants and flowers are another impactful addition to your outdoor space. If you’re worried about your green thumb, you may want to get some recommendations from your local nursery that will take into account your home’s sun exposure, terrain and other key details. If your outdoor area has a lot of concrete — a large patio, for instance — a few strategically placed containers filled with leafy plants can actually help keep the area cooler and more inviting during the heat of the summer. Of course, keep in mind that you’ll need to keep up with your plants to keep them fresh and lively. In the heat of the summer, that may mean watering twice a day. If you’re apprehensive about adding plant care to your plate, start small. Try some herb pots that add color and a subtle fragrance to your outdoor area. Plus, you can snip fresh herbs for cooking and garnishes. Or, opt for wildly popular succulents, which are some of the most low-maintenance plants you can have. Make your outdoor table more inviting with a succulent planter centerpiece. And if you add end tables by your seating, consider a small potted plant or succulent to add instant polish. And if you really don’t want to take care of plants, you can find high-quality faux plants that will work just as well. We won’t tell anyone! A little planning, a little research, a little shopping and your outdoor oasis will become reality before you know it! We’d love to see photos of your newly spruced up outdoor space. Feel free to share on our Facebook page with the hashtag #LiveInspired.  

Good company to use for our first time building experience. The home is just what we needed to right-size our living arrangements, and we love it!

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