Why Buy New

Purchasing a home is an exhilarating, life-changing experience, and probably the largest investment you’ll make in your life. So you want to choose the right home in the right neighborhood where you'll feel…well, right at home.

First big decision: Do you buy a pre-owned house or a brand new home? There are many advantages to buying new, and here are just a few:

Your Home, Your Choices

When you build your new home with Inspired Homes, you choose each element to fit your family’s lifestyle. You'll love our energy efficient floor plans with an industry-leading structural framework, and you get to select the exterior style and “Wow!”-worthy interior finishes to personalize the home and make it truly your own.  

No Surprises

We’ve all heard the horror stories: a friend buys an older house in seemingly good repair until a visit from the plumber reveals an undisclosed leak and black mold inside the walls. Major problems—some hidden, some in plain sight—can cause headaches and financial distress for buyers of older houses. When you build with Inspired Homes, you know exactly what you’re getting: brand new construction. And you’re involved in the homebuilding process from start to finish, so no unpleasant surprises.

New Stuff is Less Likely to Break—And If It Does, You’re Covered!

One of the great joys of homeownership: when everything works properly. One of the unnerving frustrations: when something stops working. A new home, built with all-new materials, promises far fewer of these frustrations. At Inspired Homes, the fixtures, appliances, everything else in your home are in perfect working order the day you move in. And if anything does go awry, the repair or replacement cost is covered under Inspired Homes' 1-year full-home warranty, 2-year systems warranty, 10-year structural warranty and separate appliance warranties. That means you won’t have to try to squeeze a huge repair bill into your budget. Our homes give you peace of mind.

Purchasing a home can be exciting or stressful—or both. Let us remove the stress from the process by helping you build your ideal home: one that is filled with the features you love, doesn’t contain any unpleasant surprises, is highly energy efficient and is covered by a comprehensive warranty. Call us today to get started creating the home of your dreams at a price you can afford.