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Working From Home Post-Pandemic

June 2, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new world for working. Since the pandemic has begun, businesses have forced their employees to work remotely. But now, with the pandemic somewhat under control and vaccines rolling out, people are wondering if working from home is coming to an end.

FlexJobs recently released their survey of 2100 people, which revealed the popularity of working from home. According to FlexJobs’s survey, most people at an overwhelming 65% prefer to continue working from home even after the pandemic is over and others at 33% prefer some type of hybrid model. Meanwhile only 2% of people surveyed want to return to the office after the pandemic is over.

Inspired Homes work from home post-pandemic data.

The main reasons as to why some surveyed don't prefer working from home include an inability to unplug when work hours are over, too many distractions at home, and difficulties with technology. Although these issues can be a pain and can mean less production, a whopping 58% of people would rather look for a new job that offers remote work as opposed to returning to the office.

Working from home offers its perks, such as no commute, cost savings, more time, and more productivity. It's clear many people love working from home and want it to continue. It’s even good for businesses as they save on costs, have more productive employees, and make more money.

With benefits to both people and businesses, working from home is here to stay. According to Upwork, it’s estimated that the number of Americans working from home will be 36.2 million in 2025, a large increase from 16.8 million pre-pandemic.

Since working from home is now the new normal, many are now on the search for a new and bigger home that can provide much needed office space. Having a dedicated office space can be extremely beneficial in combating the typical work-from-home issues. With a home office, work can truly be separate from the rest of the home and allows people to actually unplug and disconnect from work.

According to Flexjobs findings, home offices are now a necessity. Only 24% of remote workers have an actual home office while 34% have converted other spaces like dining rooms, closets, and garages into office spaces. But without a dedicated office space that doesn’t serve multiple purposes, working from home can still be difficult, which is one of the reasons some people have opted to find a new home that includes an office. 

All our floor plans at Inspired Homes come with flex space or dedicated office spaces, perfect for those in need of an office. Office spaces can range from a secluded basement office, front room with a view or an upper-level space with an on-suite bathroom. Our Calistoga and Opus plans provide the ability to have a designated office or two without losing living space.

Check out some offices we've created in our floor plans below:

Inspired Homes Inglenook home office

Inspired Homes Fairfield home office

Looking for a home with an office ready for you to move in? Check out all our available homes ready to house your office today!

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