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5 Tips to Prepare For Your Inspired Homes Design Studio Appointment

April 8, 2020

inspired homes design studio Congratulations — you’re building a new home! As you prepare for your Inspired Homes Design Studio appointment, we have 5 tips that will put you at ease when making your design selections. Instead of sending you to vendors throughout the city, we invite you to our fully appointed Design Studio so that you can make all of your design selections, interior and exterior, in one meeting. Talk about efficiency! You’ll be guided through your options by our Director of Design, Sherry Worth, who can answer questions and, in many cases, show you samples that you can see and touch. *Due to recent COVID-19 stay at home orders we are temporarily conducting virtual Design Studio appointments. Clients will be sent a full material catalog, cabinet plans, and shower options ahead of time to conduct a little due diligence and shopping.  Our Director of Design will set up a meeting via Skype to discuss these options in further detail. Before you arrive in the Design Studio or attend virtually, there are a few things you can do to make your appointment even more enjoyable. Think of the following checklist like homework — but the fun kind! 1. Know your budget — and priorities.  The most important piece of information you need before your Design Studio appointment is your budget. All Inspired Homes’ floor plans include an array of standard options. Then, buyers can choose from upgraded selections in each of the design finish categories, which is where your budget becomes a critical factor. In addition to knowing your budget, it also helps to identify your priorities. Where do you want to invest more money in your home? If the kitchen is your primary focus, for example, understand how you want to equip the kitchen and how you want it to look. Then, would you be willing to go with standard options in other areas of the home so that you can stay on budget? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by your options. By setting parameters ahead of time, you’ll be more likely to stay on track in the Design Studio and ensure you maximize your design investment. 2. Balance trendy and timeless. Part of the exhilaration of building a home is making it yours. We’ve carefully curated our design selections to include a mix of trendy and timeless looks. Sherry is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to establishing your home’s aesthetic, so don’t hesitate to ask her input as you’re making your choices. This is another area where your design priorities will be helpful. Are you interested in home interior trends? If so, where are those focal points in your own home? Maybe you’d want to draw the eye with a patterned tile kitchen backsplash, tempered with the timeless appeal (not to mention durability) of quartz countertops. When you work with Inspired Homes, your home is built to last. And we can also help you make design choices with longevity in mind. 3. Take notes and photos. Each of your design selections will be carefully documented during your Design Studio appointment, but you’re encouraged to take your own notes and photos. We know you’ll want to share your selections with your nearest and dearest! Plus, having the info handy can help you with other pre-move-in tasks like furniture shopping. Forgot to note a selection? No problem. Reach out to our team any time and we’ll be happy to make sure you have the information you need. 4. Prioritize function over fashion.  The key to successful interior design is to create a space that you love and can live in. Just as you want to balance trendy selections with timeless options, you also want to blend function and fashion so that your home looks beautiful and helps you live a better life. With that said, don’t be surprised if you want to make a few design changes after you’re moved in. Sherry recommends giving yourself at least six months to live in and use the space, then determine what — if any — tweaks need to be made. That’s another advantage to working with Inspired Homes and our Design Studio. Although you have options, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by picking every single option and finish from scratch. Instead, you’ll choose what works for you, your floor plan, your budget, your lifestyle, from our curated selection. Think of it this way — we’ve picked the best options in each category, so you just need to make decisions based on what’s best for you and your home. 5. Be confident in your choices. Although we present you with a carefully curated range of options, you still have choices. And it’s natural to second-guess some of your decisions once you leave the Design Studio. Yet that’s another advantage to building with us. Your Design Studio experience is guided by our knowledgeable Director of Design. She’ll help you make the best decisions, based on both aesthetics and functionality, so you get everything you want. When you leave our Design Studio, you’ll be confident in the selections you made and ready to watch the rest of the building process unfold! We understand that building a home is one of few chances any of us get to make our dreams a reality. And we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Explore our available floor plans, then reach out to us anytime. You deserve your dream home — and we’re ready to build it.

Overall, fantastic experience. We love our house and the finished product. We really enjoyed the build process.

Ben F. | Kessler Ridge at New Longview

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